Our Team

Dr. Ghazi Koudsi

Chairman and founder of New Country Healthcare. Dr. Ghazi Koudsi holds a Bachelor degree in Pharmacy from the University of Damascus (Syria). Following his graduation Dr. Ghazi travelled to Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 1974 where he started his professional career as a manager for a City Pharmacy branch in Dubai.

His entrepreneurial drive and passion for providing the community with medicines and health care products led him to establish Country Pharmacy in 1978. The business quickly grew to include a wholesale division that imported various products from world leading pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals brands.

Dr. Nael Koudsi

Managing Director at New Country Healthcare. Dr. Nael obtained a PhD in the field of Pharmacogenetics from the University of Toronto, Canada. In his short academic career Dr. Nael published a number of scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and also received many awards presenting in international conferences. Currently Dr. Nael assists in business development and acts as a scientific advisor.

Dr. Emad Shaker Rizkalla

General Manager at New Country Healthcare (since August 2007) Dr. Emad has more than 25 years of experience in business management with a focus on the Healthcare industry. His vast experience spans multiple disciplines including sales, marketing, and business development from a number of national and multinational companies including Julphar, Glaxosmithkline, and Al Baqer trading. Dr. Emad holds a bachelor degree of pharmaceutical science from Cairo University.

Mowaffak Al Saddik

Abu Dhabi Branch Manager – Mowaffak Al Saddik holds a degree in Pharmacy from Philadelphia University in Jordan.  Mowaffak started his career as a pharmacist-in-charge in Syria for 3 years, followed by a Medical Representative position at Biomed Pharmaceuticals in Syria for 4 years. Mowaffak joined New Country Healthcare in 2010 as a Medical Representative representing UK’s number 1 supplement brand Vitabiotics. Proving to be a strong NCH member with leadership skills Mowaffak was promoted a number of times and he currently acts as the Abu Dhabi Branch Manager.

Dr. Nabil Halwani

Regional Development Manager at New Country Healthcare. Dr. Nabil has over 18 years of progressive work experience in business and sales development, in the pharmaceutical industry . Beginning his career at Hoffmann-La Roche Syria before being moved to UAE as Therapy Specialist for kidney transplant and metabolism disorders, then served eight years as Sales Manager for AstraZeneca for Psychiatry, Oncology, Infections, and CNS lines. Dr. Nabil holds a bachelor degree of pharmaceutical degree from Damascus University.