Health Food


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Eden provides the highest quality organic life supporting foods, from canned beans to pastas, from snack foods to soy milk, a range of natural foods all organically grown...

Hodgson Mill

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A 120 year old company grinding whole grains and making wholesome foods that are full of natural flavor, and free of artificial preservatives, additives and colorings...


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Offers fantastic tasting, all natural, minimally processed foods for health and wellness. A range of cereals including Heart to Heart, Go Lean, Good Friends providing the best of nutrition and taste..


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Fruit and nut bar that is all natural made with whole premium nuts. This recently launched snack bar, available in 8 delicious flavors, is good for your body and your taste buds...

Now Food

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NOW is an award winning and highly respected manufacturer of over 1800 vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements, natural foods and health related products. Geared towards offering customers top quality products at prices people can afford, their slogan is: NOW International, Quality is Affordable. ..

Dynamic Health

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Dynamic Health Laboratories, Inc. has nearly two decades of providing innovative, natural, super fruit juices, juice concentrates and dietary supplements.


Pan Ducale

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One of the most quality conscious manufacturers of the traditional crispy Italian Biscotti’s. Panducale is committed to never use GMO, additives, preservatives, and hydrogenated oils in any of their products..


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Based in Czech Republic, EMCO is the biggest oat flakes processor in Central Europe whose products have evolved around the philosophy "even healthy things can be delicious“. Emco processes about 1000 tons of oat flakes per year and has dealt with cereal products since 1991. Emco cereals always contain a particularly high share of top-quality ingredients - carefully selected oat flakes, high content of dry fruits, nuts, chocolate with a high content of fiber..

OA Quinoa

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O.A.Quinoa,USA is OA Foods LLC is a company that specializes in premium quinoa from southern Bolivia that is up to 33% larger, and more nutritious than other types of quinoa. The company strives to make a positive difference by donating 20% of its profits to underprivileged children. 


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CanMar Grain Products Ltd, Canada is a company committed to provide high quality and food safety from farm to shelf. The unique roasting process truly differentiates Flax For Nutrition Flaxseed from raw flaxseed products. Flax For Nutrition offers consumers great taste, valuable nutrition and choices

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Is a company with over 1000 products, committed to utilizing the latest scientific research and state-of-the-art technology to create innovative and affordable products which include vitamins, minerals, specialty supplements, herbal teas, weight loss product, and brand equivalents..


Totally WIld

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Totally Wild (Pty) Ltd,South Africa is a young company, that develops and markets a high-end range of specialty food and beverage products, the key ingredient of which is Aloe ferox.   They offer everyday products which offer additional health benefits such as increased fiber and reduced sugar while being low in fat, preservative free and seriously delicious.

Made Good

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MadeGoodis a Canadian Company whose products are manufactured by nutrition team that has over 40 years combined experience in food science and product development; MadeGood creates products that provide exceptional nutrition and great taste to its customers and their families, in a way that respects the environment and the community.

The Granola Bars and Minis are organic, school safe and contain the nutrients found in one serving of vegetables. They’re made from whole grains, are low in sugar, and have a taste that kids love!

They have perfected a technology that allows them to create a delicious, on the go bar without adding any extra ingredients. The Organic Raw Fruit and Nut Bars provide you with wholesome nutrition and flavor, nothing else.

Elmhurst Harvest

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Steuben Foods, Inc. is a North American and world leader in Low Acid Aseptic manufacturing, besides development, processing and packaging of great tasting, good for you food and beverage products.

Steuben Foods is FDA registered and complies with GLOBAL FOOD SAFETY INITIATIVE (GFSI) Level 3.

We have partnered with Steuben Foods to launch Elmhurst Harvest range of Almond Milk beverages besides the world’s first Walnut Milk & Pistachio Milk beverages. The products are No-Dairy, No-Soy, No-Lactose & No-GMO besides being Low in Cholesterol, Low in Fats & great tasting Healthy.


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Adam Foods is a Spanish company with an international scope. Their kitchens (seven production centers), located on the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal), export to more than fifty countries around the world. The company has history root dating back 75 years. Both ingredients, tradition and innovation, are part of their DNA and their vision.

We have partnered with Adam Foods to launch Cuetara biscuits, and 0% sugar range, which offers an alternative to enjoy your favorite brands with no added sugar and without sacrificing flavor.


JOTIS (YIOTIS S.A.) is a Greek food company based in Athens, operating in the confectionary, culinary and baby foods industry.

It was founded in 1930 by John and Maria Jotis.

Today, it produces, packages and distributes in Greece and abroad more than 300 products  (Baby foods, Drinks & Chocolates, Baking & Cooking, Confectionary & Desserts, Sweet & Balance, Low Glycemic Index Desserts, Bio – Organic, Organic Products, Fytro, Healthy & Nutrition Products ).

Its Research & Development is one of the company’s most dynamic departments and one of the most advanced in the Greek food industry, and their continuous efforts have resulted in the award, consolidation and constant development of innovative products.

The Company's export activities are yearly increasing covering more than 25 export destinations in five Continents.


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PATIENCE™ Fruit & CO is a Canadian company that specializes in cranberry and blueberry processing.  A company which enjoys undisputed world recognition in the growing and processing of organic cranberry and blueberry-based products, which goes from the harvest right through the delivery of finished products to ensure the highest quality.

Since its inception, their cranberry and blueberry are engaged in organic cultivation without using any synthetic chemical fertilizers nor pesticides.

From the classic dried Cranberry, Whole & Juicy dried Cranberry to Whole & Soft dried Cranberry with Wild Blueberries, Goldenberries and Tart Cherries, all are:

source of fibres, additives free, sulphite free, gluten free with low glycaemic index compared to sugar.

Delicious and ideal for Breakfast, Salad and Snacking at any time of the day.

French Country Cookies

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The French Country Cookies are produced in France from the Normandy area which is famous for the use of all natural ingredients in cookies.

Their recipes remained the same since 1978. They are Handmade by applying the ancient way: Their main tool is human and they use beech-wood moulds to bake their biscuits, “cookies”, in slow and smooth ovens’ heat, and they wait until the crust on biscuits comes naturally after cooling in a cold room (24 hours at least). Their machinery investments have been done on packing machines only, not on production ones.

French Country Cookies is the first private label of New Country Healthcare.