Welcome to NCh

New Country Healthcare (NCH) was founded in 1978 as Country Pharmacy and evolved to New Country Healthcare in 1990, NCH today is a leader in the healthcare sector, with a rich portfolio that includes over 1500 products manufactured in United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Middle East.

NCH started with a vision of a healthier community by our Chairman Dr. Ghazi Al Koudsi, a UAE board certified pharmacist and consultant to governing agencies. With hard work and dedication, NCH has not only kept their promise to the community but, has also stayed true to the vision of our chairman who inspires every member of the NCH family to give their best every day.

Since the establishment of NCH, we have proudly adhered to our mission of providing the local and GCC markets with innovative and high-quality healthcare products through reliable and efficient service. NCH efforts have not gone unnoticed, as we have numerously been awarded “The Best Middle East Distributor” by our international partners in recognition of our teamwork and effort, and locally by multiple Governmental Authorities, including Dubai Municipality.

With state-of-the-art facilities and warehouses equipped with advanced technology, NCH is adept in efficiency through fast operations and exceptional client satisfaction. With a multi-talented and certified team, NCH has a high productive working environment driven to honour the company’s legacy as the most reputable and successful healthcare distributor in the region with growth exceeding doubling its size within the last 5 years.

Company Strategy

NCH aims to maximize sales through horizontal integrations and market share through diversification of products. Our cutting edge technology along with our dedicated and highly skilled team will further facilitate the operational and consumer growth of NCH. With markets trending in healthcare products, our health focused consumers can expect to have complete confidence when choosing our certified brands.

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