A Message from our Chairman

Welcome and thank you for visiting our newly developed website.

At NCH, we are extremely proud to bring world class pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and health food products into the UAE and neighboring GCC countries. We are strongly devoted to our mission of improving the health and wellness of our community. In addition, we work very closely with UAE regulatory bodies such as the Ministry of Health to conduct educational and scientific seminars to ensure the latest academic advances are shared with healthcare professionals.

Our humble journey started from the establishment of a single pharmacy (Country Pharmacy) in 1978. 40+ years later, Country Pharmacy is still operational yet we have excelled in marketing and distributing 52+ International brands in the UAE and GCC. Today, we employ more than 250 employees, many of which have been with us for 20+ years. We are proud to provide a safe and rewarding place to work in which employees are challenged to develop, at the same time experience a family spirit of support.

The numerous awards from governmental regulatory authorities (i.e., Dubai Municipality) and our suppliers is a testament of the unwavering commitment we have to excellence. We strive to deliver on our core values which includes care for human health, attention to customer need, integrity, transparency and collaboration. As responsible corporate citizens, we have also contributed tremendously by supporting social and environmental projects, such as charity drives, educational backing, and sport initiatives.

As we always look to the future, I am extremely proud to share with you that in 2020 we moved to our new state of the art distribution facility and offices comprising a total of 65,000 sqft. This will facilitate business operations through consolidation and more importantly be the stepping stone to our regional expansion in the area.

I extend my greatest appreciation to our esteemed governmental authorities, partners, and employees who have helped achieve our goal of being a science backed and driven distributor. Look forward to many more years of success and growth.



Dr. Ghazi Al Koudsi
Chairman, New Country Healthcare