Our health care category includes products that are sensitive enough to be used by medical professionals. This includes products from AND, which is a world class producer of advanced measuring and monitoring equipments such as blood pressure monitors. .

A & D Medical

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A world class producer of advanced measuring and monitoring equipment like blood pressure monitors (wrist or arm type), digital ear thermometer, and personal scales. A&D Blood pressure meters are well-recognized and accepted by the medical community and customers alike.


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Supporting good health, Jasper offers a wide range of healthcare accessories for support and recovery. These include supporters, binders, belts, and protective bandages for the wrist, elbow, knee, thigh and ankle. Jasper is ergonomically designed to give better results with high quality and affordable prices...


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Turbo is specialized in anti-cellulites products which are effective in reducing accumulated fat. As undergarment or sports accessories, they help the lymphatic drainage and improve blood circulation..